Branford Bankruptcy Attorney, Foreclosure and Debt Relief Agency

Branford, Connecticut may be known as a classic, affluent beach town, but there still exists enormous economic diversity. While the perception of Branford may be upscale, the reality is that the middle class that moved in when the town was affordable are currently stressed because of rising taxes and general cost of living.

Many Branford residents are struggling with financial burdens, the solutions to which can only be provided by a dedicated, locally-based legal team who understands the challenges and whose sole focus is financial recovery. The Law Offices of Neil Crane has been helping the middle class survive in Connecticut for over 35 years.

“The Law Offices of Neil Crane resolved our issues so we could start fresh and move forward. Bill collectors were calling several times a day and we were in a state of panic over our situation. Attorney Neil Crane made the process so much easier than I thought it would be and all of my questions were answered in a manner that I could understand. We are now able to pay our monthly bills without worrying where we will get the money and we are still in our house.”
Ryan | Branford, Connecticut

Living in Connecticut comes with a series of financial obstacles. Here are a few of the problems faced by Branford residents. Click on a topic below to learn more: